Suillama builds on SUI

Created by the Sollama team, Suillama is your trusted SUI developer tooling platform. We create tools to faciliate a smooth transition to SUI and ensure security needs can be met with permissionless protocols.

What is Suillama?

The Ultimate Hub for Exceptional SUI Projects and Services! Our mission on SUI is to support and empower the most promising projects in the SUI ecosystem, such as Suillama - the first locker project live on SUI.
Explore our range of offerings, including the SUI Locker, SUI Launchpad, and SUI Game Collection, and join our vibrant community of passionate SUI enthusiasts today!
Launch Phase
Suillama is going live with the Locker at launch! Available to be used by all.
Next Phase
Suillama will continue development to present unique and engaging SUI Games and a dedicated SUI Launchpad, while doing Research and Development on advanced Tokenomics on SUI

About Suillama

At Suillama, we're driven by our commitment to unlock the full potential of the SUI blockchain and its utility.

As the proud creators of the first SUI locker project, we offer a suite of solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our users, from secure asset management to seamless project launches and captivating gaming experiences.

Our dedicated team of experts works relentlessly to ensure that Suillamaremains at the cutting edge of innovation, delivering top-notch products and services that foster growth and success within the SUI network.

What does Suillama Offer?

Our first Release is the SUI Token locker. This locker is an important step on any chain to ensure secure DeFi experiences. By using a time based, permission less SUI token locker, project owners can show confidence to users by responsibly locking their assets long term to ensure continued support, dedication and responsibility.
Next: SUI Launchpad
A comprehensive platform designed to facilitate seamless project launches and token sales, propelling the next generation of extraordinary SUI projects.
Next: SUI Game Collection
A curated selection of enthralling games that showcase the capabilities of the SUI blockchain and provide users with an exciting entertainment experience.

Start your project on SUI Today!

Suillama is dedicated to helping and supporting builders. Get in touch with us today if you want to get LIVE on SUI!